After 15 years, Dyn free is closing down (0)

    April 7th, 2014 | Tags: , | Posted in Tech

    Dyn announced today that they are ending free hostname program on 7 May 2014. This means that you will no longer be able to use the free hostname service from Dyn. Any free accounts that have not upgraded to VIP will have their DynDns free services disabled by then.

    Check out their FAQ page on Free User Discontinuation and their blog post for more information.


    So what should you do?

    Instead of signing up for the paid DynDns services, you can consider other free alternatives like:

    These DynDns alternatives work just like Dyn. They are also supported in most router’s DDNS client.

    How to identify a fake Xiaomi Redmi (0)

    March 28th, 2014 | Tags: , , , , , | Posted in Guides, Tech

    It appears that fake Xiaomi Redmi / Hongmi / Red Rice phones made their appearance in Singapore. The sellers are capitalising on the lack of Xiaomi Redmi stocks in the region. So how do you identify a fake Xiaomi Redmi? Let’s find out.


    No Google PlayStore on Xiaomi Redmi

    Google PlayStore

    Google Play Store

    It appears that the fake Xiaomi Redmi do not come with Google Play Store. Hence, people (with fake Xiaomi) are searching high and low on the Internet for guides on how to install Google Play Store on Xiaomi Redmi. So if you come across a online seller retailing Xiaomi Redmi with other buyers commenting that the Xiaomi they purchased do not come with Play Store. The seller is probably selling fake Xiaomi Redmi.

    The Xiaomi’s MIUI comes installed with Google PlayStore.

    Luckily, installing Google Play is is straight-forward. Let’s proceed to install Google Play (if yours is missing).

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    ASUS RT-AC68U – How to flash TomatoUSB for RT-AC68U (2)

    March 26th, 2014 | Tags: , , , , | Posted in Guides, Tech

    TomatoUSB (Shibby) on the ASUS RT-AC68U

    TomatoUSB (Shibby) on the ASUS RT-AC68U

    TomatoUSB (Shibby) support for ASUS RT-AC68U Dual-band Wireless AC1900 Gigabit Router is something that I’ve been waiting for quite some time. The Tomato-ARM Team (Shibby, roadkill, Victek) released a public beta for the RT-AC68U on 24 March 2014.

    With the TomatoUSB (Shibby) beta, it is time for my to migrate from my ASUS RT-AC66U. In this article, I’ve documented my process of flashing TomatoUSB for RT-AC68U. Previously, I’ve written TomatoUSB (Shibby) flashing guide for ASUS RT-N66U and ASUS RT-AC66U. Do take a look at those guides if you intend to flash TomatoUSB for those devices.

    Below are some of the TomatoUSB firmware features that I had found useful:

    • Comprehensive QoS (Quality of Service) controls
    • VPN Tunnelling support (OpenVPN Server / Client, PPTP Server / Client)
    • Captive Portal (based on NoCatSplash)
    • VLAN Support
    • Multiple LAN support
    • Bandwidth Limiter based on IP/MAC

    Warning: Flashing third party firmware will void your warranty. I will not be held responsible for anything that goes wrong.


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    Root your Xiaomi Redmi / Hongmi / Red Rice (0)

    March 12th, 2014 | Tags: , , , , , | Posted in Guides, Tech

    Got my Redmi a while back and one of the first thing I did was to root Xiaomi Redmi. Some of you may ask why? Perhaps I am too used to a rooted Android smartphone. I use apps like Greenify to hibernate nasty battery juice draining apps. To me, I felt that battery life is an important thing for a smartphone.

    That pretty sums up why I want to root Redmi. And here is the guide to root your Redmi.


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    Xiaomi Redmi – 1.5GHz Quad-core 4.7″ IPS display Android smartphone (1)

    March 9th, 2014 | Tags: , , , , | Posted in Reviews, Tech

    Xiaomi's Redmi - Dual SIM 1.5GHz Quad-core 4.7" IPS display Android smartphone with MIUI

    Xiaomi’s Redmi – Dual SIM 1.5GHz Quad-core 4.7″ IPS display Android smartphone with MIUI

    It seems like the latest smartphone craze is to get the ultra-budget Redmi / Hongmi (Red Rice) android smartphone. The Redmi was released on 21 February 14 in Singapore for S$169. Their online stocks ran out within a few minutes during the first two rounds of public offerings (21 Feb 14 and 27 Feb 14 at 12pm). That just shows how crazy people are over the ultra-budget android smartphone. But just how good (or bad) is the Redmi? Lets find out.

    Review At A Glance
    Product Xiaomi Redmi / Hongmi / Red Rice [product link]
    Summary Redmi / Hongmi / Red Rice is Xiaomi's ultra-budget android smartphone with cool MIUI, a good 8MP camera and crisp IPS display
    Pros + User-friendly MIUI
    + Crisp 4.7" IPS display (1280 x 720, 312ppi)
    + Gorilla Glass 2
    + 8MP Camera (with flash)
    + Cheap / Affordable for its performance
    + Dual-Sim
    + Comes with PlayStore
    Cons – Lack of 4G connectivity
    – Slow GPS lock on
    – Medicore 3D gaming performance
    – Navigation buttons are not backlited
    – Tiny notification LED
    SRP S$169.00


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    Anker 40W 5 port USB quick charger (0)

    February 17th, 2014 | Tags: , | Posted in Reviews, Tech


    A 40W 8A 5 USB Smart Port Desktop Quick Charger

    A 40W 8A 5 USB Smart Port Desktop Quick Charger

    I got tired of regular USB chargers that refuse to quick charge my devices. The Apple 2.1A chargers are good but it is bulky and charges only a single device at a time. Other multi-ports chargers simply don’t pack enough oomph to quickly charge my smart devices. Solution? The Anker 40W (8A x 5V) charger with 5 USB smart ports that features quick-charge technology that will juice your smart devices up!

    Review At A Glance
    Product Anker 40W 5V / 8A 5-Port Family-Sized Desktop Charger [product link]
    Summary Anker 40W 5 Smart Port USB charger featuring quick-charge technology to make your smart life easier.
    Pros + Smart port that intelligently delivers the required power to your smart devices
    + Industry-high 40W charger
    + Compact and cable-chaos free
    + Compatible with all phones, tablets and other USB-charged devices
    SRP US$49.99


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