ESP8266 Breadboard Adapter

ESP8266 (ESP-01) - Breadboard Adaptor with Power Filter (10uF Capacitor).
ESP8266 (ESP-01) – Breadboard Adaptor with Power Filter (10uF Capacitor).

Finally did up a ESP8266 Breadboard Adaptor so that I can do quick prototyping with the ESP8266 and breadboard. Added a 10uF tantalum capacitor power supply filter in the process. Just in case you are wondering, the green wire on the ESP8266 links the Reset Pin to GPIO16 to enable deep sleep.

If you are interested in making one, the part list is below. Just make sure you get the components for 2.54mm pitch.

  1. Stripboard
  2. 2×4 female header
  3. 1×4 male headers
  4. 10uF tantalum capacitor
  5. Soldering equipment/tools, heat shrink tube


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