I am Andy and most of you know me by my alias – shadowandy. I am both a technology enthusiast and evangelist who enjoys learning, creating and testing new technologies for both personal and work.

shadowandy.net started off, and still is, as a personal blog where I write about technology stuffs and random topics. It is a platform to share my reviews of equipment and guides to help others maximise the potential of their purchases.

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Some notable firsts

shadowandy was the first to devise a method to restore D-Link DIR-300 back to original firmware (from third party firmware like dd-wrt and open-wrt). shadowandy is also the first to come up with a simple D-Link DIR-300’s boardconfig generator for the firmware restoration process.

At work

My current official title at work is “Principal Systems Architect” and I am responsible for planning and recommending the right combination of technologies for the required short-term and long-term landscape and solution to achieve the organisation’s goals. Aside from solving interesting challenges, a portion of my time goes into establishing standards for sustainability.

Apart from the regular work, I experiment with new technologies and methodologies – virtualisation, blockchain, Internet-of-Things, cloud, cryptography, real-time location system, threat hunting, SAP, DevSecOps, etc. The list goes on and I hope I continue to have such opportunities.

Yes, my work is interesting and there has never been a boring day. On lull day, I will probably be reading up on new technologies or thinking of how things could be done better.

My training

I graduated with a B.Comp (Honors) Information Systems from National University of Singapore.

Equipped with an inquisitive mind and education in business analysis and systems development, I went on to my first job as an engineer that pretty much sums up as a technology focused business analyst who rolls up his sleeves to jump right in to solve tricky technological issues while uncovering latent needs from the business users.

When opportune, I do take up certifications to test my knowledge in the areas that I am dealing with.

Proof-of-concepts, or experimentations that I call, keeps me updated on technologies and relevant.

Finding me

I can be contacted via Facebook or email (andy[at]shadowandy.net).