Kismet on WRT54G

Kismet Client + Server on SSH


What? Kismet? You would need to compatible wireless adapter in order to do scanning!

Kismet? That WEP cracking software? You are trying to crack WEP keys?

Well, that are the few responses that people give after hearing you say Kismet. Well, I don’t have to worry about the wireless adapter when I am using the one onboard WRT54G. There is an openwrt packaged Kismet so it is bound to work! Kismet can be used for other purposes besides using it as a tool as part of the WEP cracking process. Like netstumbler, it can be used to discover wireless networks around your area so that you can avoid possible congested wireless channels (e.g channel 6). Some favored channels are 1, 6 and 11 as they doesn’t overlap each other resulting in lesser interference. But then channel 6 is so abused by the routers rolled out by our local ISP. With a simple scan, you can see 2wire and linksys routers all hogging on to channel 6. Channel 6 is also used for SuperG mode (108mbps), the reason I gave up on SuperG in my area is due to the congested channel.

Stop bullshitting. Running Kismet just to check for non-congested wireless channel?

The wireless on the 2nd hand WRT54G is much more stronger and sensitive than the one I had on my T43. Hence it is more viable to do a scan using the router than my notebook. Well, since I don’t have to bother about hardware compatibility issues now, perhaps for educational purposes I will try to crack a few WEP keys (on my DGL-4300). But before I do that, I would need to find other packages that is needed for the cracking as technically this router is the only linux system on my network, other than the ubuntu on my notebook. And perhaps do a SDcard mod on the router to increase its storage. Currently the storage is boosted by a 2GB samba share. Most softwares are installed on the 2GB share.

Ah, I’ve been poisoned by the newbie kernel hacking of Operating System module. Looking forward to compiling my own firmware. But that is after I get over the problem of bricking the router in the process of doing so.