Migrating MovableType to another Server?

Had a change of webhost recently and thus needed to migrate my movabletype to another server as well. The thought of migrating is terrible, need to setup this, setup that. Worst of all, can I migrate my posts over or do I have to create from scratch? The Import/Export function on MovableType looks dodgy as it export the entries and comments out as flat text file. Yes, you heard it right, comments are exported as well, but not the junk comments.

Stuffs to be done on the old MovableType
Firstly, use the Import/Export utility to export out your posts and comments (just exporting will export both out so don’t worry). Secondly, save all your self created templates plus any CSS stuffs or theme (images for weblook, …) stuffs.

Stuffs to be done on the new Server
Firstly, install MovableType! Do all the mt-config.cgi stuff and make sure your MovableType is up and running and you can access the publishing platform. Do your settings and ensure that all the paths for the archives and stuffs are correct. Secondly, make sure you have imported your templates plus any CSS stuffs. Thirdly, use the Import/Export utility again to import your earlier exported stuff! Tadaa! It is done!


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