my 3 days/3 nights chalet

It has been sometime since I went to a chalet. Well this time round isn’t exactly a chalet but then I am away from home since Friday night, only reached home today (Sunday evening).

Jiapei asked if I am free on Thursday night to eat some wanton and noodles over at Weiliang’s house. Wanton sounds good to me and agreed. Initially planned to get back home on that day itself but then the wanton session started quite late so must as well stay over at Weiliang’s. Attempted to fix a non-ejecting dvdrom drive by using the paperclip trick. But then seems like the gears are stucked and they won’t be released even after inserting the paperclip. Pronounced dead that night. Watched tv and a traumatising night of Weiliang’s acting and singing.

Went to Clementi Central to source for WL’s non-camera Sony Ericsson Phone the next late morning/early afternoon before he sent me back home. *Thanks*

Packed my barang barang for the next few days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) and then went out to meet Daniel, going over to his house to tuition him for his coming Java common test.

Had dinner at 85 marketplace with Daniel and Rena. Yummy. Been sometime I had nice Ba Chor Mee and Stingray! It’s the 2nd time I had a meal at 85. First time was also with Daniel. Went to NTUC after that to grab some tibits and ice-cream for the night. Went back to Daniel’s house after that. Had a chat with Rena (after super duper long time, half a year? 1 year?). All I can say is Gambatte! Work hard to realise your dreams. As for Daniel, keep up the good work so far.


Got this from those $1 turn-a-toy machine at 85 marketplace.

Chatted and taught Daniel Java (Data Structures and Algorithm) after we settled down at his place. Hope Daniel understand what I had taught. *lol*


Took this at Daniel’s living room.

Oh ya, it is also the first time I been to Daniel’s new place. Pretty cosy! Don’t know what time did we work until. Rena and Daniel had warned me about thunderous snoring. But lucky, it wasn’t so bad that night, probably cos I was around.


Had wanton noodles, soy milk and Daniel’s mum’s famous fried chicken wings!!!! Yummy!

Went out to meet Ken and Ricky after finishing up the chicken wings. Went over to Sim Lim Square to source for USB TV receiver (Ken), Portable Harddisk (Daniel) and Bluetooth non-IVT (Andy). None of us got what we are sourcing for.

Left SLS and went back to Bugis Junction for lunch at Billy Bombers. Abit regretted asking for the salmon set. I have forgotten that most salmon set are pathetically little in serving amounts for sides as well as the main itself. Must commit to memory that don’t try out salmon sets next time.

Had a game at the arcade, seems like everytime we go there bound to have a game or two. Ken left us to join his gf and colleague for a game of badminton while we continued to roam around the area while waiting for Daniel’s check to arrive. We took bus down to Changi Village for Stone Grill Express after getting his check. Ken also joined us for the food session again! Initially was told that he cannot make it, but then seems like he remembered the timing for the badminton session wrongly and then he can make it for the dinner.


Ken’s O2 Zinc.

Toyed with his handphone while waiting for the food to be served. 4 x Stone Grill Express Set (2 x Sirloin Steak, 1 x Spicy Chicken, 1 x Garlic Chicken), 1 x mai pian xia and 1 x tie ban dou fu.


My Stone Grill set!

The sizzling chicken on the hot slab of volcanic stone!

Didn’t go anywhere special after that. Took bus number 2 all the way to Daniel’s. So sleepy after a heavy meal. Chatted with Daniel and helped out with a couple of past year exam questions before leaving to meet Serene dear.

Met up with Serene at the station. Dear looks pretty (because she attended wedding dinner). Strolled back home and watched anime before going to bed.

Went down to TCC at NAFA before heading back home to help Daniel with some last minute enqueries. Had a nice meal of the fried wanton noodles at Sunshine Plaza before leaving for home. Ah, having nice food for these few days. If this continues, maybe I will be of ideal weight soon.