New PicooZ!

Got my PicooZ exchanged at Toys ‘R’ Us!

The current one flys much better! It can do left, go right, up, down, forward, backward and even spin 360 degree horizontally while in flight!

Ok I lied.

The PicooZ can only fly up and down and turn left and right. Making it move forward actually requires some tactic. Besides the adding of weight to the front of the PicooZ or even any method of displacing the PicooZ in flight, users can actually play with the throttle and left or right. By dropping the throttle and increasing it while holding the playing with the left/right slightly, it can actually move forward/backward. Interesting!

There is actually a modification site for picooz! Check PicooZ toolbox

My first modification!
Added a card to stop the rotor bar from swaying left and right while throttling!

Added canard for stable forward flight