101 reasons why you shouldnt get DD-WRT

for (int count = 0; count < 101; count++)
“Reason ” + (count + 1) + “: Because IPKG doesn’t work\n”

Alright I cheated, there aren’t really alot of reasons why I don’t encourage people to use dd-wrt.

Firstly, the IPKG is broken (I only tried V23 SP2 and in V24, it is still broken) hence those who wish to maximise the use of their routers wont be able to do it.

Secondly, getting donations from end users are pretty alright. But selling of GPL derivatives and making a profit out of them is a big no no. Check out their online stores! Exclusive firmwares for those who pay!

Thirdly, the command interpreter is called “BusyBox” and not “Very BusyBox” after changing maybe zero lines of the source code. Google around to find out the spicy news.

Fourth, it is an opensource project and you should list all the contributers. Not take credits. Google for the spicy news again.

Fifth, it isn’t customisable due to the fact that IPKG is broken.

Anymore to add on to my list?

Anyway, seems to take quite a fair bit of stuffs from openwrt.

2 thoughts on “101 reasons why you shouldnt get DD-WRT

  • February 19, 2007 at 5:57 am

    In case people are missing a kinda bigger web interface in openwrt, they should at least have a look at http://x-wrt.org/
    Kamikaze issues are being worked out right now, but it’s already pretty much usable.
    Rumours say the website will get more usable in close future, so don’t be turned down by its looks 😉

    PS: Sorry for comment spamming, I would’ve written an eMail if I could find an address anywhere

  • February 26, 2007 at 10:42 pm

    Ah! oh yes. x-wrt webif for openwrt is pretty cool. Am using it for all my routers (of cos those supported by openwrt). The current support for kamikaze is still pretty alright, several issues are being ironed out. Hopefully they meet their milestone on time.

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