Busy busy semester…

School barely started and workload getting ramped up.

Information Systems Development Project is taking up lots of time even in the planning stage. Cant imagine if we were in the programming and finetuning stage. Hopefully I wont offend any people in my team while voicing out my opinions as a team leader. Been reading alot of resources recently to get an idea of Supply Chain Process as we are doing a Electronic Supply Chain Management System.

Next is the Management of Information Systems. The lecturer is teaching little and expect us to read alot in the limited time. 1 lecture = 4 chapters of reading, 3 chapters from 1 book and 1 chapter from another. And assignment to be handed in wasn’t briefed clearly, resulting in alot of “huhs?” here and there in the ivle forum.

Stuffs getting interesting in the Information Security Management module. I like the technical discussions like 2FA, WEP cracking, packet sniffing, back doors, … But then there is a equal share of non-technical stuffs to be remembered as this is not meant to be a technical module. Also got a few chapters of the book to read.

*mug mug mug*