With the amount of hours I can afford to sleep nowadays, I can hardly keep my concentration like before. Nowadays I am easily distracted even when doing programming! Need to be more focus! Focus! Focus!

Was searching for those active noise-cancellation softwares, just like those active noise canceling earphones. But to my dismay, there isn’t any! Or probably I didn’t search enough. On the other hand, I found software that allows me to play sounds to mask out conversations or distinctive noises that can distract me.

*Drum rolls* …….


It’s ChatterBlocker. Some may argue that you can achieve the same effect by putting Windows Media Player / WinAmp on loop. But can you mix or overlay several sounds together easily? The word is easily without the need to configure plugins or even searching for them? How I wish I can get my hands on those sounds that can be found in the registered version of ChatterBlocker.

Anybody have music that suppose to soothe the mind so that one can sleep better? Music are suppose to have an effect on brain activity, pretty much like aromatherapy I guess.