OpenWRT (kamikaze) with x-wrt on Fonera!

Decided to toy with OpenWRT kamikaze on the FON. Noticed that there is x-wrt for for it! So swapped out my dd-wrt on FON and put in the latest build of OpenWRT kamikaze!

First thing to do after placing the OpenWRT in? SSH back into the device and start editing the necessary configuration files.

root@OpenWrt: ~# vi /etc/config/firewall

add in the following 2 entries at the end of the file

accept:proto=tcp dport=22

Then edit the configuration file for network setting

root@OpenWrt: ~# vi /etc/config/network

mine looks like this

# Copyright (C) 2006

config interface loopback
option ifname lo
option proto static
option ipaddr
option netmask

config interface lan
option type bridge
option ifname eth0
option proto dhcp
option hostname Fonera

save the file and then reboot the device!

This time hook it up to your main router so that it connects with the internet.

Now SSH into the router after it has rebooted (through the dhcp-ed address) and then issue the command

root@OpenWrt: ~# ipkg install

On the next reboot, you will have webif! Have fun with OpenWRT on FON.

Regularly check out if there are newer builds of x-wrt. You can force install it by

root@OpenWrt: ~# ipkg install -force-reinstall





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