Sharing your La Fonera, a basic guide

Seems like recent hit of the internet community is owning a La Fonera. But at the same time, some people have the misconception that sharing your La Fonera will cause your internet connection to be slow, and those people will do heavy Peer-to-Peer on free internet you are doing out of goodwill.

There are 2 sharing methods, namely Bill and Linus. Being a Bill, you charge other people for their usage. On the other hand, being a Linus will allow other FON users to connect for free. For more information regarding the difference between Bill and Linus, check out FON website.

If you have worries for the bandwidth usage problem I had mentioned earlier on, don’t worry. FON website actually allows you to configure how much bandwidth to share.

Bandwidth allocation for the shared WiFi.

If you are thinking that the author of this entry is a miser (only sharing a pathetic 512Kb of bandwidth). Do take note that I only have a 1.5Mbps dsl line (as of now). I had always belief that sharing is a good thing, but certainly not at my expense.

Not sure how many and who is using your free WiFi?

FON actually keeps a history as well as an updated list of Fon users connected to your access point. Simply log in to FON website to check on your router status

Who is using your FON currently?

Interested to know your FON usage?

Well, FON actually keeps track of your usage (on other FON member’s router as well). So make you you don’t do illegal stuffs. Hopefully the logs from FON can be used as evidence if some mischievous FON member misuse your free WiFi.

FON tracks your usage.

So how many FON routers can I deploy around my business area (I have got multiple business site)?

Well, as long as the spirit of sharing is there. You can add register router under your account and set them up.

The long list of Fon Social Router