Updating Nokia N80 to N80 IE – instructions from Nokia

Dear Updaters

The Nokia Software Updater is now ready to offer “Internet Edition” software for most standard Nokia N80 users. This software includes Mobile Search, Internet telephony (VoIP), Downloads client and Lifeblog.

Please note that after updating and restoring your own data, the new Internet folder will not be visible because you will have restored the standard N80 screen layout “on top” of the N80IE software. New N80IE applications are not deleted. They are still available and can be found in the My Own folder.

The Nokia N80 Internet Edition software may not be available for all variants. Check to see if an update is available for your own device at

The Internet Edition software version number is 4.0632.0.38.

The Nokia Software Updater Team

Link: Nokia Support Discussion

Woot! No need to pay a premium for N80IE! Got time must upgrade the firmware le. But. Do I have the time to?

One thought on “Updating Nokia N80 to N80 IE – instructions from Nokia

  • March 4, 2007 at 4:17 am

    bro… yes… u very busy… i am also busy…
    everybody’s busy… who’s free???? lol… :p
    my N73 also can upgrade to Music Edition or N73IE, but i scared…
    cuz read few ppl kena brick set upon flashing the firmware… diaoz… :s

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