Configuring FON as a wireless client (WEP network)

Configuring FON to connect to a WEP secured wireless network as a client is pretty much the same as configuring it to join a WPA network (see in trackbacks)

Follow only Step 2 of that entry and we just need to change the settings used for /etc/config/wireless The config would look like:

config wifi-device wifi0
option type atheros
config wifi-iface
option device wifi0
option mode sta
option ssid <SSID>
option encryption wep
option key <wep key>

Ensure that all your settings are done right before rebooting. Else you might lock yourself out of the router due to misconfigured network interfaces.


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  • March 21, 2007 at 5:18 pm

    Configuring FON as a wireless bridge (WPA network)

    There are hundred and one stuffs to be done with the FON router! My current D-Link network camera (DCS-2120) wasn’t capable of connecting to my wireless network due to the constraints of DCS-2120 in accepting certain characters in my WPA…

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