ctorrent-1.3.4-dnh3 for DNS-323

Wish to do bittorrent or torrent on the DNS-323? Previously I have posted setting up debian environment on DNS-323 after which you will run ctorrent (for debian) . The amount of stuffs to be done just to do torrenting on the DNS-323 would put any regular joe off.

To simplify the process of torrenting or running bittorrent on DNS-323. I tried my luck in compiling ctorrent for DNS-323 so that I can run ctorrent without the need of setting up a debian environment. This way, you would just need telnet access to the DNS-323 and some basic knowledge in executing the file and you would be running bittorrent off the NAS! I won’t touch on the tedious process of compiling the ctorrent source into binary suitable for DNS-323. But I would say that it is not exactly a nice and easy process. If you wish to do it, check out the GPL sources at D-Link. You would require a linux system with the appropriate packages (bison flex, gcc-3.4, byacc, g++, make) before you can compile. So if you don’t know what I am talking about, just use the application I have compiled.

dns323-ctorrent-1.3.4-dnh3.zip: Download file

Have much more fun in exploring the limits of your DNS-323!