D-Link RMA and loots

Our loot of the day

Closeup picture of the loot

Spare parts for 2nd antenna, probably on FON

Met up with a friend and Liangtam earlier to go to D-Link at International Business Park! They both got business to do there.

A friend need to grab some DCS-2120 wireless internet cameras which actually allow users to view the video feeds on their mobile phones and of course on the computer. Check out DCS-2120 on D-Link’s product pages.

Liangtam need to RMA his stuffs. Managed to toy with DNS-312H (a network attached storage device). Pretty cool device, tested it out at D-Link’s office. Supports downloading of torrent! Yeah, you heard me right. You can actually telnet into DNS-312H and setup some packages to allow you to run torrents off it. Check out ctorrent. Users using OpenWRT and perhaps DD-WRT can check out ctorrent or enchanced ctorrent package as well.

So what am I doing there? Basically was on a looting trip. Oops. Grabbed 2 antennas and a rsma connector. Perhaps for the modding the FON to have 2 antennas. Also need to grab a 1000uF 10V capacitor for PSU of a 24 port switch. Hope that’s the only part that is damaged.