Something to clarify…

Gosh, this person must be working for D-Link

This is what people think when they see the NAS, network switch and DGL-4300. Like all consumers, I like to make sure that I spent my money on quality stuffs. After reading reviews, I feel that these equipments are good, hence I got it and blogged about it. Perhaps I should stop sharing the applications I have compiled and keep for my own use.

Gosh, this person must be working for Linksys

With the WRT54G in the category listing plus the fact that I got 2 equipment from the WRT54G family and spend time exploring OpenWRT packages on it doesn’t mean that I am working for Linksys.

Gosh, this person must be working for Nokia

I got the N80 and I just wish to share my findings.


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  • June 10, 2007 at 12:20 pm

    DNS-323 Archives

    This section of the blog contains some interesting stuffs regarding the 2 Bay SATA Network Storage Device from D-Link, DNS-323. I have compiled several binaries and made it available to the public. Some of the binaries are compiled by other…

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