Tech toys to end the month with …

DIR-655 and DIR-300

Routers are getting more robust! First it was just a simple device performing NAT function, then after a while it came with wireless capabilities. In recent years, the wireless capabilities of routers have improved by leaps and bounds. Now we have home routers with Quality of Service (QoS) engines for those hardcore users! But have we forgotten that there are simple users who just want a no frills router? DIR-300 is for them!

DIR-655 for the hardcores

This DIR-655 is going to replace my DGL-4300. My DGL-4300 has been in service for sometime and I guess it is time to improve the wireless coverage of my residence. Let’s hope 3 antennas is better than 1.

The box for DIR-300

The contents! A black sleek router!

No frills router! Picked it up to test its capabilities. Gone are the era where people get a WRT54G and upgrade to 3rd party firmwares to fully utilize the hardware. Just how many people are technical enough to flash their routers and put in all those QoS settings? Why not get a simple no frills router that can handle load? (still unverified, going to run some peer-to-peer applications on it)

Size comparison of DIR-300 and DIR-655.

Surprisingly a white router looks nice! But a black one would be better. Where are my spray cans?