Comex 2007

Went down to Comex with Serene after school yesterday! Been quite sometime since I went to a computer show/fair. The reason is the amount of crowd. Of cos there will be a crowd when retailers are slashing prices off their products.

We made our way to Cityhall. Oh gosh. The route to Suntec is simply packed but at least it is not moving at snail’s pace. There are several things on my buy list – DNS-323 for Serene’s brother, earphones for myself, keyboard for Richard and lastly signing up for a Internet Connection.

I visited all the 3 floors of the show and only bought a DNS-323 and signing up for Internet Connection. I couldn’t find a good earphone (for mp3 use), nor can I find the Logitech keyboard. Sound pretty much like a wasted trip. Should have went to Simlim Square instead. But the comforting thing is that the DNS-323 only cost S$259.

Left the show at around 8pm for dinner at Subway. It is crowded again. Sigh. I spent like 30 minutes to get food for the both of us. I had to spend like 5 minutes to find a seat before that! I noticed that the Subway on their ceiling fans despite the place being air-conditioned. Just imagine cold wind rushing onto you. The wrapper for the subway sandwich also shrunk to 50% of its original size. I remember the outer wrapper being a square in the past. Now it is like a rectangle. Saving cost?

Squeezed our way back to the station after our meals and made our way back home. Glad that I got a seat to oink on the way back.