dd-wrt on DIR-300

Brainslayer has released DD-WRT v24 pre-RC4 and it supports another two of D-Link’s router, namely – DIR-300 and DIR-320.

He’s kind to enclose this flashing guide. He flash his DIR-300 using console cable while I did mine without one. After skimming through the guide, I would say the process is similar to flash the fonera (which is also based on Atheros chipset + RedBoot). The tricky part would be breaking out of the boot script under 1 second. Nonetheless, I would say the flashing process is pretty safe (after I have flashed so many foneras and routers through RedBoot/Broadcom console)

My DIR-300 which is running DD-WRT now.

The usual tools needed would be a tftp server, a telnet client which allows you to send Ctrl+C (hyperterminal on windows would work fine), an ethernet cable and the DIR-300 itself.

Check out the flashing guide

The required files: dd-wrt v24 pre-RC4 for DIR-300
My DIR-300 Flash Log: Download file

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  • September 30, 2007 at 1:42 pm

    DIR-300 (DD-WRT) bittorrent test

    I did a bittorrent test on DIR-300 on its D-LINK firmware earlier this month. Well the router seems capable of handling moderate bittorrent load then. Recently, Brainslayer released DD-WRT firmware for DIR-300. Hence it prompted me to redo the bittorre…

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