N81 and E51 – Device Information

Comparing N81 and E51 side by side, the N81 looks like a meaner machine as it comes with N-Gage features as well as better multimedia features (camera, music player, image gallery, etc) than the E51.

Came across X-Plore from LonelyCatGames. One of the functions is showing of the device information. Most of us would have guessed that N81 would pack better specifications than the E51 due to the better features. So let the pictures do the talking.

Device Information for Nokia N81 (8GB)

Device Information for Nokia E51

It is quite unexpected that the software report that the Nokia E51 have a higher CPU speed than the N81. Well, CPU speed isn’t everything, the CPU architecture determines which few calculations are optimized. Perhaps the N81’s CPU is optimized for drawing 3D objects while E51’s CPU is optimized for raw crunching power?