Nokia E51 – Interface

Nokia handphone user interface is pretty much the same nowadays. The only difference is the ability to customize what you want or don’t want on the screen. Symbian “desktop” (or rather the main screen) have options for you to keep it clean or have a quick launch area for applications.

The “desktop” with standby applications.

I found it to be more productive by keeping frequently accessed applications on the “desktop” rather than navigating through the menus to launch them. E51 already came with one-touch keys and the standby applications just makes launching applications easier. One-touch keys are physical keys on the keypad where you can configure them to launch applications. Pretty niffy eh?

It is my first E-Series phone from Nokia. My previous handphones were from the N-Series. Missed call and new messages alerts are a little bit different from the N-Series. Instead of having a alert box at the bottom of the screen, these alerts are elegantly placed on the “desktop”.

Alert notices on the “desktop”.

I found these method of displaying alerts better than the N-Series as display of an alert box is pretty irritating at times. They just pop up suddenly while you are doing some stuffs on the handphone.

Ah, I like my handphone!