Nokia N81 (8GB) – Snappy Interface

The Nokia N81 (8GB) is my second handphone that runs on Symbian. The first one is the Nokia N80. Seems like the N81 wins N80 in every aspect except for the camera function.

One thing I like about Symbian OS is that users can freely install and remove applications. One major drawback of the N80 is that it isn’t fast enough to cater to the running of multiple applications. This kind of limits the kind of stuffs you install as some applications really runs too slowly on the N80 system.

Unlike the N80, the N81 (8GB) seems to come with an upgraded processor which makes the navigation rather snappy. Not only that, applications that used to load slow (e.g. Papyrus) loaded fast on the N81. Is it because I am not running as many applications as the N80? I installed back all the stuffs which are present on the N80 to have a better comparison – IM+, Opera, eRecorder, Advanced Call Manager, SMS Spam Manager, Advanced Device Locks, etc. Ran ACM, Spam Manager and Device Locks in the background. Tried launching the Papyrus again, it is still faster than my N80.

At first I thought that with so many features, the N81 would be another phone with non-responsive user interface. Never did I expect that the N81 still performs up to my expectation of a sleek mobile, except that it isn’t exactly slim.