DNS-313 – Single Bay NAS

Didn’t have time to blog about it earlier on as I was preparing for my Bangkok trip.

This Network Attached Storage (NAS) arrived (from overseas) just before my last examination. Plugged in a spare harddisk and set it to run alongside my DNS-323. Took some time off to take pictures of the device.

As mentioned in the title, it is a single bay NAS which takes in SATA harddisk only. It comes with a Gigabit ethernet port at the back. You can slide the plastic mechanism to reveal a USB port which you can connect to your computer as a portable harddrive. You will need to use the power brick though as it cannot be powered off the usb port.

Just some pictures.

DNS-313 - The box

The Box

DNS-313 - Another view of the box

Another view of the box

DNS-313 - Size comparison with a can of Coke

Size comparison with a can of Coke

DNS-313 - A single bay NAS

DNS-313 with HDD

DNS-313 - Ethernet or USB

Ethernet or USB. Your choice

DNS-313 - Power Brick
Power brick

Perhaps you would like to try running fun_plug on the DNS-313