DGS-1008D versus SD2008

I chose the DGS-1008D after comparing the specifications and looks of both DGS-1008D and SD2008. Why? My purpose is to extend my network but at the same time get all the possible benefits (power savings, unique features, etc)!

The specifications
SD2008’s product datasheet didn’t really mention the performance of this device. All I can draw from it is that it consumes 18 units of energy (12v * 1.5A). At least it is better than my current rack mountable switch.

On the other hand, DGS-1008D’s product datasheet spells out alot of performance figures. All I could understand is that it come with green ethernet technology and it consumes a maximum of 11 units of energy (as mentioned in datasheet).

What’s Green Ethernet?
According to D-Link’s website, the device can intelligently reduce its power consumption by doing the following things:

  • Turning port off (sleep mode) when that particular port is not in use
  • Adjusting the power needed to communication to the devices. Ethernet cables comes in different length so the device intelligently adjust to lower power when it detects a shorter cable. On the other hand, if the cable is at its maximum  length, it tunes the power setting higher

This green ethernet technology certainly make the DGS-1008D more interesting. Lets look at other end user reviews.

Other end user reviews
There doesn’t seems to be much or no negative reviews regarding the D-Link’s DGS-1008D. On the other hand, a handful of users complaint that the Linksys’s SD1008 runs pretty hot and it dies off after 6 months of usage. In better cases, the Linksys SD1008 loses it gigabit capability and become a fast ethernet (100mbps) switch. [1][2]

For home use or small/simple office usage, the D-Link’s DGS-1008D is a better choice than Linksys’s SD1008 due to it power savings technology (Green Technology). The lowered power consumption and heat dissipation leads to lower cost of operations and longer product life (at least it should be better than Linksys’s SD1008).


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