Lunch at Prince George Park

Had lunch today at NUS’s Prince George Park, more often known as PGP. Colleagues wanted to eat something from school and see mei mei (girls) so chose NUS as the target. *loL*. Too bad they forgot that it is holidays now and there wouldn’t be much students in school.

Ate the Asian Delight stall at PGP. Well, not bad. Quite worth it for its money considering the expensive food outside. Quite yummy as well. The treat was on Luis~! Hurray~! I just knew our big boss got promoted to be the CEO. *Doink*. wo zhen de shi you yan bu shi tai shan.

Just received my paycheck from work and from project but I had already spent it on the Sony DSC-T2 camera and the Asus EEE PC 701 model. Will be snapping pictures of the EEE PC soon!