New camera! Sony DSC-T2

Sony DSC-T2

Sony DSC-T2

I finally got my digital camera (8.1mp)! Been using my trusty Minolta DiMAGE Xi (3.2mp) camera all these while. Sony happened to have this item on their mid year sales list and also just happened that it is within my willingness-to-pay bracket.

This camera used to go for $599 (during the computer show in March) and now it is $399. Used the red packet from DRK to get this camera. Wahahahhaa! I’m loving it! I think I got a pretty good deal, had some freebies to go along with it – extra battery, camera pouch, 2GB memory stick, screen protector.

DSC-T2\'s package

What the deal contains

DSC-T2 package

The DSC-T2 package itself

Sony Memory Stick

2GB Memory Stick (Mark 2)

Extra battery

Additional battery for the camera

Camera pouch

Camera pouch for the DSC-T2

Screen Protector

Not so fitting screen protector

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