Running out of ethernet ports

I am running out of connectivity points on my DIR-655! Well, there are only 4 ethernet ports and they are connected to server, workstation, DNS-323 and DNS-313! My IP camera is still lying around. I do have a 24 port rank mount switch but then it is only fast ethernet and takes up a lot of space.

I am now looking at 8 port gigabit ethernet switches from Linksys and D-Link. Wonder which one would be more worthwhile to spend money on. Going to check out their price from Challenger or CyberActive.

Seems like the gigabit switch from D-Link boasts power savings (Green Ethernet)  while Linksys is a normal gigabit switch. Design wise, D-Link’s DGS-1008D looks slightly nicer than Linksys’s SD2008. Must see which one my wallet can afford then. Hope the D-Link one isn’t too expensive!

One thought on “Running out of ethernet ports

  • June 5, 2008 at 11:53 am

    SA, have you looked at PoE? Might be nice for the IP cam if it supports it, wont have to worry about finding power for it

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