Bittorrent and L7 filter

After searching for the Internet for means/ways of throttling bittorrent traffic using opensource methods, I found out about l7-filter and tc to control the amount of bandwidth for identified protocols. Downloaded the files and patched the kernel of my ubuntu server to enable netfilter support.

The compiling took quite a long time on the server. Packaging as deb file also took an awefully long time. The good thing is that the kernel installation went fine without any kernel panic on boot up. Tested the l7filter and then I realized.

bittorrent.pat doesn’t recognize all bittorrent traffic as majority are encrypted

Oh gosh. I can’t even mark the traffic correctly! Then why not I prioritize those protocols that are time sensitive (e.g. SIP). Edited  the configuration to prioritize skypeout and skypetoskype protocols. The marking of traffic went fine, except there’s one problem.

it doesn’t differentiate skype messaging and skype call

Another slap to forehead. Time to try out ipp2p.