ReadyNAS Duo – Simple speed test

Did a simple speed test this morning by transferring some videos to my D-Link DNS-323 and Netgear ReadyNAS Duo. Being a simple home user, I kept the test environment simple which any home users can emulate without breaking an arm or two.

Equipments used:

  1. DIR-655 for its Gigabit ports
  2. My trusty old computer
  3. DNS-323
  4. ReadyNAS Duo
  5. 2 x Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 250GB (ST3250620AS)

The computer, DNS-323 and ReadyNAS Duo are hooked up to the DIR-655’s Gigabit port. Equipped each NAS with one hard disk which are formatted and both NAS resetted to factory default. None of them have jumbo frames enabled.

Before each test, I rebooted the computer and started the file transfer from scratch. Why did I do this? To make sure that the test variables are similar.

Captured speed of the D-Link DNS-323

DNS-323 - Uploading onto the NAS
Upload speed to the DNS-323 (138.38mbps)

DNS-323 - Downloading from the NAS
Download speed from the DNS-323 (154.62mbps)

Captured speed of the Netgear ReadyNAS Duo

ReadyNas Duo - Uploading to the NAS
Upload speed to the ReadyNAS Duo (157.28mbps)

ReadyNAS Duo - Downloading from the NAS
Download speed from the ReadyNAS Duo (220.43mbps)

Conclusion about the Speed Test

There is some slight difference in speed when you are uploading to the devices. However, the speed difference is clear when you download or stream files off the NAS – DNS-323 achieved 154.62mbps while ReadyNAS Duo achieved 220.43mbps!

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