SSH access on ReadyNAS Duo

Wow. I can’t believe how easy it is to turn on the ssh server feature on the ReadyNAS Duo. I thought I had  to use some backdoor scripts in order to do so. Thanks to the “plug-in” architecture of the ReadyNas Duo, new features/technologies can be added to the device with just a few clicks.

The ReadyNas community has got some addons which you can enable SSH and root access to the SSH. Check out ToggleSSH and EnableRootSSH from the addons page. Installing these addons are simple, just go to your ReadyNAS’s administration page. Go to System -> Update -> Local. Upload the bin file and follow the on screen instructions.

One thought on “SSH access on ReadyNAS Duo

  • August 18, 2012 at 3:56 am

    How do I get the NAS(RND2000) to send all of its content to my other NAS(RND4000 NV+ v2)?

    I have a setup in my current RND2000 with 2 x 2 TB RAID0 (I dont need the RAID lecture, my current situation is lecturing enough). One of the 2TB has been alerting as following:

    Reallocated sector count has increased in the last day. Disk 1: Previous count: 278 Current count: 321 Growing SMART errors indicate a disk that may fail soon. If the errors continue to increase, you should be prepared to replace the disk.

    Now I’ve bought the RND4000 NV+ v2 for future backup possibilities and a vast amount of storage.

    Now, how to I get my old NAS to send its content to my new one? I have only my MacBookAir without LAN cable and both NAS devices attached to the same router.

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