Setting up the Wireless-N Bridge (WNHDE111)

Setting up the wireless-N bridge seems to be pretty straight forward. Flipped through the guide a little and got the them paired up within 10 minutes!

Hooking up the wireless-N bridges

  1. Connect one of the WNHDE111 (lets call it bridge A) to router
  2. Connect the other WNHDE111 (bridge B) to device (wired NAS, multimedia player)

Setting device mode

  1. Set the switch on Bridge A to “auto”
  2. Set the switch on Bridge B to “auto”
  3. Power on both WNHDE111

Pairing the wireless-N bridges

  1. Push the WPS button on Bridge B for 10 seconds
  2. Release the WPS button on Bridge B
  3. Push and release the WPS button on Bridge A within the next 120 seconds
  4. Wait for the WPS light to stablize

Yes! It is as easy as this! My multimedia player/pc is online!


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