Editing transmission.sh for blocklist support

Transmission (bittorrent client) comes with blocklist support. Blocklist would allow transmission to block access to certain IP addresses. P2P users normally use level1 blocklist which contains IP addresses of anti-p2p companies, fake p2p file sources, government, military, science, research labs, bad education facilities, and more.

In order to enable blocklist support, you must be running transmission for fonz’s fun_plug 0.5. It is recommended that you know basic usage of “vi”.

Accessing your NAS

  1. Gain access to your NAS either through telnet or ssh

Editing transmission.sh

  1. Edit the transmission.sh file using the following command (vi /ffp/start/transmission.sh)
  2. Locate the block of commands under transmission_start()
  3. Locate the 4th line within that block. It should start with “su $user -c “$command -f -g ${TRANSMISSION_HOME} …
  4. Add “-b” after “-f” so that the command now looks like “su $user -c “$command -f -b -g ${TRANSMISSION_HOME} …
  5. Save the file

Restarting transmission

  1. Restart transmission using the following command (sh /ffp/start/transmission.sh restart)

Transmission would take slightly longer to start up if the blocklist contains a lot of entries. You should periodically update the blocklist for better security.

You can use blocklist downloader to download the latest bluetack blocklist. Do run blocklist downloader before starting transmission so that transmission can load the updated list.


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2 thoughts on “Editing transmission.sh for blocklist support

  • January 6, 2009 at 9:59 pm

    Is there any reason to do this if you change the settings.json file to show

    “blocklist-enabled”: 1,

    I changed the setting file manually (using vi).

    I have blocklist enable (at least in the logs its shows a stack of IP’s being created into a .bin in the blocklis folder and it takes for ever to load now) but on looking at my transmission.sh there is no -f option.

  • January 7, 2009 at 9:50 am


    You wouldn’t need to edit the .sh file if you’ve edited settings.json directly.

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