DWA-160 throughput test

The DWA-160 looks pretty much like its predecessor, DWA-140, except that it white in color and has support for 5Ghz band. Both the DWA-160 and DWA-140 are OEM from RAlink’s RT2870 so it is perfectly fine to use the drivers from RAlink’s website.

Did a wireless throughput test using the follow equipments:

  • DWA-160
  • HP EliteBook 2530p
  • DIR-855
  • DNS-343
  • DNS-323

The test environment

Files of size greater than 4GB will be placed on the NAS (DNS-343, DNS-323) attached to the DIR-855. DWA-160 will be set up on the HP EliteBook 2530p using RAlink’s drivers for RT2870.

The HP EliteBook 2530p will be placed 5 meters from the DIR-855.

How the test is like

Files will be transferred from the NAS onto the laptop wirelessly using 802.11N (2.4Ghz mixed mode, 5Ghz). Download speed will be captured using DUMeter.

Test result on wireless N (2.4Ghz mixed mode)

Download speed of 65.8Mbps through wireless N (2.4Ghz mixed mode)

The transfer speed isn’t consistent. This is probably due to wireless congestion on the 2.4Ghz band around my area. Will need to find another time to do this test. Throughput of 65.8Mbps seems terrible for wireless N. I’ve managed to hit speeds of 100Mbps using the laptop wireless module!

Test result on wireless N (5Ghz)

Download speed of 82.4Mbps through wireless N (5Ghz)

The transfer is slightly more consistent on the 5Ghz band. Surprisingly, the transfer rate is higher than what I could achieve on the 2.4Ghz band. Probably 5Ghz is less congested?


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One thought on “DWA-160 throughput test

  • March 13, 2009 at 5:05 pm

    I own a DNS-323 and am using the latest firmware, it is good because it has in it, an iTunes server, BitTorrent server, file server, printer server, ftp server, web server, you name it. And it now supports disk’s larger than a terabyte. It’s quiet, it’s quick. And it look’s really good, but boy the price really hit’s you hard in the head with a broken beer bottle. The warning light’s on the front are handy, and the web interface is very user friendly and easy to use.

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