Day of shopping

Been quite some time since I visited Simlim Square. Made a trip there to purchase a UPS to replace my spoilt one. Went down to Funan Centre on Friday evening to check out the price and was surprised to find that the shops there are overcharging! They are selling the model at S$118 while Simlim Square is selling at S$80. Will avoid Funan Centre for such purchases in the future.

While I and Serene were at CityHall/Bugis area, we went to the food fair! Bought yummy tidbits, had Singapore Sling, tasted some Pie Kia and had some yummy chocolates! The only bad part of the day was carrying the heavy stuffs back home on MRT and kept having the urge to sip some water from the bottle. Just in case you don’t know, SMRT is pretty anal about this eating and drinking issue, there are people who got fined for drinking plain water and eating sweets.

Back to rearranging my computer table. Got to find space for the additional CPU from Ken! Finally nlited Windows XP SP3 for my EEE PC 4G (701) to support 3G Modem! Yeah!