A.C.Ryan PlayOn!HD Full HD Media Player

Went down to COMEX 2009 after work today! I arrived there at around 6.30pm and made my way to A.C.Ryan’s booth on level 6. Scanned the booth for the familiar face from yesterday. I think his name is Eugene and he knows the product well. Asked him regarding the availability of the A.C.Ryan PlayOn!HD without the bundled hard disks.

“The media player without the hard disk bundled are all sold out”

I was stunned momentarily. It is just day 2 of the computer fair and the media player (without 1TB hard disk) are sold out? Oh man. I should have taken half day leave and came down in the afternoon with my colleague. He got the A.C.Ryan PlayOn!HD with wireless N dongle at S$298! Media player at $249 and wireless N dongle at $49 (usual $59)! What a steal!

Think he remember me from yesterday as I asked quite a fair bit of questions. I guessed he sensed that I was quite disappointed. It was then he told me to wait and he approached his boss. After a while, he waved to me. I propped my head over the counter and he offered me a bundle which made me grin from ear to ear. Super good deal!

Paid for the  items and left the place! Thanks Mr Nice A.C.Ryan guy!