Remount all read-only usb mounts as read-write

Some of you may have realized that USB mass storage devices attached to the PlayOn!HD are automatically mounted as read-only. In a read-only mount, you cannot write files to the drive.

The following script will remount all available USB mass storage devices (mounted in read-only mode) as read-write!

The down side is that you got to execute the script every time you plug in a new device. The script work best with View USB storage attached to A.C.Ryan PlayOn!HD over network.

Creating the script

  1. Telnet and login to your A.C.Ryan PlayOn!HD
  2. In the command prompt window, enter “vi /tmp/hdd/root/script/
  3. In the vi window, press “i” to start edit mode
  4. Paste the content of the above script
  5. Press “<ESC>” to exit out of edit mode
  6. Enter “:wq” to save the script
  7. Enter “ls /tmp/hdd/root/script should be listed as one of the files

Executing the script

  1. In the command window, enter “sh /tmp/hdd/root/script/
    The script would remount existing read-only USB drives as read-write


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One thought on “Remount all read-only usb mounts as read-write

  • December 28, 2009 at 5:55 am

    Thanks, it works 🙂

    I noticed transfer is a bit slow (5MB/sec) so I probably will only use the network write access feature occasionally for light work. Like when adding some subtitles files. Then it is not a real problem if I have to execute the script first. Maybe I can build some Putty shortcut command that logs in and executes the scripts..

    I have pre-formated my external disks with the PlayonHD so that if I ever build one into the POHD, I dont have to format it anymore. But now those 2 external drives also show an extra EXT3 partition (SDB3 & SDC3) when browsing over the network and in the Player’s browser. Is there a way to temporary hide those partitions so they do not clutter the view?

    Do you know a way to create shortcuts on the internal HDD to both my external HDDs (SDB1&SDC1) so that I can always Browse to HDD to reach all my 3 harddisks? Or even better, how to merge the folders in the root of my external disks with the internal HDD root folder or -movies- folder?

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