Full body iPod Touch 2G protector arrived!

The GadgetShieldz full body protector for my iPod Touch 2G arrived this morning. The delivery guy can’t find the doorbells and was glad that he called my cellphone.

I used to use Zagg Invisible Shield but I can’t get the retailers to do 1-to-1 exchange. Poof, there goes the USD$25. Just a piece of warning, don’t trust those Zagg Invisible Shield sellers unless they give you a black and white stating that they will process the warranty on your behalf.

The package from GadgetShieldz is simple. It doesn’t come in a box like the Zagg. GadgetShieldz doesn’t come with the squeegee, shield spray and lint cloth.

The package from GadgetShieldz

Inside the letter is your order details and the product. Since it is meant for my iPod Touch 2G, there are 2 pieces of shieldz – one for the front and one for the back.

2 piece of shieldz for the iPod Touch 2G

After snapping these pictures, it is time to start work! Hopefully the sticking process won’t take too long this time round. Prepared the soapy water mixture, unpacked Christmas present from Kwee Boon for the lint cloth and screen cleaner.

1 hour later, it’s completed!

It comes with a small protector for the Home button too

Like the way it wrap around corners. It is similar to BodyGuardz. Zagg Invisible Shield sucks at corners

Guess I will just leave the iPod Touch at home today if I am going out. According to instructions, it is best to let it sit for 24 hours so that it adhere better to the device.

Hope it won’t turn yellowish / brownish like the Zagg Invisible Shield.