Nokia X6 – the perfect entertainment device?

The Nokia X6 is the latest Symbian-based music phone with 32GB of on-board memory, 3.2inch capacitive touch screen, packed in a candy bar form-factor. Best of all, Nokia has thrown in Comes with Music for the 32GB version, allowing you access to the hottest hits anytime.

The 13.8mm thick Nokia X6 doesn’t come with any slider keyboard. In fact, physical keyboard is redundant due to the capacitive touch screen. Why have a physical keyboard when you have a on screen keyboard? Buttons are also kept to a minimal on the Nokia X6 – Power & USB on the top; Volume controls, unlock & camera on the right side; and SIM card slot on the left of it screen. That’s all.

The Nokia X6 – Internet, Facebook, Tweet, Messaging!

One cool thing about the Nokia X6 is the layout of the home screen. Notice there are 2 rows of icons? The top is the Contact bar in which you can add your close friends for quick calls or messaging. Well, you can also add your enermies to the contact bar so you can annoy them easily too. Oh, according to the manual, you can add up to 20 contacts for quick access.

The bottom row is the Media bar where you place applications or bookmarks for quick access. Got most of the applications off OVI Store. Stumbled into OVI Store unintentionally while toying with the phone. Seriously, I didn’t realized that there are so many applications and games in there! Found application for tweeting and MSN-ing in matter of minutes. Downloaded games that help me tide over boring MRT rides over the 3.5G connection in matter of minutes. Cool!

Added Straits Times, Music Store, Gravity and Facebook to my Media bar. Bye bye boring MRT rides.

Apart from the usual portrait messaging layout, the Nokia X6 comes with a full QWERTY touch screen keyboard as well. Being a capacitive touch screen, you can easily compose your messages using your thumbs/fingers instead of a stylus/fingernails. Just in case you are wondering about those phones that need you to use a stylus or fingernail for navigation, these older phones actually have resistive touch screens.

QWERTY keyboard certainly make web surfing a whole lot easier. The browser on the Nokia X6 renders the pages the same as on a desktop PC. It generally works well but the browser would often freeze if the image is image intensive or come with busy Flash elements. If you are patient, leave it there and it will load. Otherwise, there is nothing the hang-up button can’t do. Hang-up button will exit the application and bring you back to the home screen.

The Nokia X6 – Camera

The 5MP sensor behind the Carl Zeiss optics captures pretty decent photos. Snapping pictures in low light condition isn’t an issue with the pair of led. Took 2 photos while I was out earlier on to test the camera. You can take geo-tagged photos with the Nokia X6 too so you won’t forget where you took that magnificent picture!

Picture taken with automatic scene mode. The color looks great and the exposure is more or less correct.

Picture taken with automatic scene mode. Attempted to take some small handicrafts at close range during teabreak. It came out fine and in focus too.

The Nokia X6 – Comes with Music

The Nokia X6 is all about entertainment. Enjoy unlimited access to millions of tracks with Comes with Music. Upon activation, you can download tracks direct to the Nokia X6 or via Nokia Music for PC.

Downloaded a few OST using the Nokia X6. Seems like it is impossible to fill up the 32GB of storage space. Did some calculation and it seem like I can store a lot of tracks. Something like 11,000 tracks on the Nokia X6? Double cool!

The Nokia X6 – Battery Life

The 1,320mAh battery easily lasted for 1.5 days with all those calls, messaging, web surfing and occasional facebooking. It is pretty impressive for a all-in-one entertainment device like the Nokia X6.

The Nokia X6 – What I think

The Nokia X6 looks great, have tonnes of storage (32GB to be exact) and have plenty of multimedia features. The on screen keyboard also made typing a breeze on the Nokia X6.

However, the Nokia X6 is a bit sluggish during navigation or launching of application. The sluggishness might be due to the initial firmware. Hope it could be resolved through future upgrades. Interface and/or navigation is not consistent across applications. Installed eBuddy and suddenly a on screen directional pad appear.

Nevertheless, the Symbian OS is great. There are tonnes of applications for the OS. You can probably find the application you need in OVI Store or with some help from Google.

2 thoughts on “Nokia X6 – the perfect entertainment device?

  • March 20, 2010 at 12:10 am

    How do I reset NOKIA X6?

  • March 20, 2010 at 10:06 pm


    You can hard reset the Nokia X6 by holding on to following buttons while you power it on – Green + Red + Camera.

    Press and hold Green Call + Red Cancel + Camera button, then press power button. Only release when you see the logo.

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