MLDonkey 3.0.2 for DNS-313, DNS-323, DNS-343

Didn’t realized MLDonkey 3.0.2 has been released until I saw Marcos comment. Tried my luck at compiling this release. Installation instructions are similar to previous versions (e.g. MLDonkey 2.9.7). If there are any issues with the package. Do inform me. 🙂

  1. mldonkey lite – supports filetp, bittorrent
  2. mldonkey lite (no gd) – supports filetp, bittorrent
  3. mldonkey normal – supports filetp, bittorrent, edonkey
  4. mldonkey normal (no gd) – supports filetp, bittorrent, edonkey
  5. mldonkey full – supports filetp, bittorrent, edonkey, directconnect
  6. mldonkey full (no gd) – supports filetp, bittorrent, edonkey, directconnect


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