iRobot Scooba 380/385 – Floor washing robot

This is the scooba floor washing robot in midnight blue!

The iRobot Scooba 380 Floor Washing Robot from finally arrived via ComGateway. The shipping, like the last time, is pretty fast. It took only four days to get from US to SG (via DHL Express).

For those who do not know about the iRobot Scooba. The Scooba is essentially a floor washing robot that automatically navigates around your apartment/room and does all the floor washing, scrubbing and lastly, squeegeeing. It does all the light vacuuming, washing, scrubbing and squeegeeing all one a single pass and it passes a spot multiple times just like the iRobot Roomba.

The contents of the Scooba 385 package

The package looks a bit tattered mainly because it was delivered from overseas by DHL

The package is not exactly in pristine condition but the contents are! The box is labelled as Scooba 385 but it is essentially a Scooba 380. The difference is that the power adaptor for the 385 is localized for 110V to 230V usage while 380 usually comes with 110V adaptor.

The Scooba and accessories neatly packed in the styrofoam box

The Scooba 380 and accessories neatly packed in the styrofoam mould. I love bubble wraps and I can not stop myself from popping them. Haha.

Accessories that came with the Scooba - virtual wall, charger, battery and hard floor cleaner

These are the accessories that are included in the package:

  • Virtual Wall – for keeping the Scooba out of certain areas
  • Battery – pretty self explanatory. It powers the machine
  • Power adaptor – for converting the voltage and current from your wall sockets to one that is suitable for Scooba usage
  • Natural enzyme hard floor cleaner – some floor detergent to kick start your floor washing fun! You can purchase additional bottles of this Hard Floor Cleaner (Natural Enzyme Formula)
The Scooba 385
The machine without its water tank

This is how the Scooba looks like without its water tank. The battery sits right in the center, probably for even weight distribution. Well you would not want one of the wheels to start wearing out faster than the other do you? The vacuum port on the right and filter on left of the battery.

The brushes and squeegee underneath the machine

And underneath the main body is the set of cleaning brushes (and squeegee strips) and wheels. Rubber wheels on the sides and one castor wheel at the top.

The water tank with two compartments - one for dirty water, one for clean

This is the water tank! It can contain approximately one litre of clean water and according to specifications, it can clean up to 850 square feet (approximately 79 square metres) of floor in one go!

This morning, the lazy me fill the Scooba with floor water detergent, left it to clean my study room before I go off for work. And now, the floor feels clean while I am typing this blog entry. The water does look greyish while clearing the tank.



The good

  • It cleans the floor while the lazy me is out
  • It scrubs the floor cleaner than I can do without breaking my back
  • It does not leave puddles of water lying around waiting for someone to slip and fall
  • It practically uses any solution for cleaning. I recommend neutral (ph 7) solution (e.g. Natural Enzyme Formula) so that its innards won’t be corroded. I am using Amway L.O.C Organic Cleaner and Kiwi Kleen Floor Cleaner Apple Fresh. Both works fine!
  • It scrubs the grout clean
  • It avoids cliffs. For my house, there is a drop in height when going from the dining area to kitchen and the Scooba will automatically back off and avoid falling

The bad

  • It is a little bit too noisy. This is probably due to the vacuuming
  • The iRobot AWARE navigation system does try to cover the entire floor but it is somehow a bit random so it takes a bit of time to finish cleaning one room
  • It doesn’t have docking feature like its Roomba counterpart so I have to search high and low for it when I am back. Well, probably water and electricity doesn’t mix hence there is no docking and charging built in


Ultimately, I still find that the Scooba 385 is a worthy purchase. I will definitely recommend it to my lazy friends if they can get a good deal. You can read more about the Scooba at

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