SSD Promotions & Deals around the Internet

Solid State Drive (SSD) prices are becoming more affordable recently. I am turning the Internet upside down for good deals on SSD and since I am doing so, I will share on what I have found. Do share with me the nice deals too. 🙂

I have done up a spreadsheet that checks and consolidates select SSD price information (from Amazon). The prices are consolidated the minute you access the website. You can find the information at Have also included a graphical chart to quickly sieve out the low priced items!

So surf on to

Amazon SSD Prices



Date Changes
Sep 13 Refined AmazonGlobal eligible matching codes.
Added bubble chart to reflect:
+ price per GB
+ discount percentage
+ price compared to Singapore
Aug 13 Added new SSD like Samsung EVO to the chart.
Added Singapore prices of SSD for comparison.