Nespresso Pixie – fast, intuitive, design, compact, energy efficient espresso machine

Nespresso Pixie in electric titanium

A new addition to my kitchen – Nespresso Pixie in Electric Titanium! Had always been fascinated by coffee machines, especially the Nespresso coffee machine that serves a nice cuppa from a interesting looking coffee capsule.

To be honest, I did not know that there are so much science behind a good cup of coffee with thick crema – water pressure must be right, the right water temperature, the best espresso beans, beans grounded to just the right size, drawing the right amount of coffee in 18-23 seconds and the list goes on and on. Therefore, making the perfect espresso is truely an art form!

Most people might not have the time to learn all these. Even if one knows all of these, lack of practice might result in watery or thick shots due to the size of the grounded beans or drawing it too short and resulting in a overly strong cuppa.

To make sure the cuppa is right the first time, everytime. There are (cool) espresso machines around like the Nespresso Pixie. If you want to make a cup of latte conveniently, there is the Nespresso Citiz with milk frother or the Aeroccino to froth the milk.

Nespresso’s Coffee Experts have developed 16 Grand Crus with distinctly individual characters and aromatic profiles to ensure everyone their ultimate coffee experience. These Grand Crus can be easily ordered online at

Every year, two limited edition Grand Crus, like the NaOra and Kazaar, are released so keep your eyes peeled for these unique time-limited offerings.

Ahh, time to enjoy a cuppa.