Optimising your Android smartphone

You noticed that you have got some stubborn apps that refuses to quit (completely) or hibernate? I guess you also noticed that your Android smartphone’s battery life and free memory has dropped too. Lets optimise your Android smartphone performance together.

Well, let me welcome to the world of zombie / vampire apps that defies the Android framework. Well, technically they are not called zombie / vampire apps but their refusal to quit (completely) and sucking memory and battery makes them like one!

Have you seen the Facebook app running in the background (Settings –> Apps –> Running) even though you have completely turned off its notifications and friend sync? Pesky vampire app it is. They are draining battery life.

Well, fret not. Here are some tips to make your rooted Android smartphone work as good as new (less the unrooting).

1. Disable unused applications that runs in the background.

Do you use Google+ or those apps that came with your Android smartphone (e.g. Samsung Apps, ChatON). If you are not using them, you can disable them via the Application Manager (Settings –> Apps). Go into the “All” applications tab / view and select the application you intend to disable. In the App info page, click on the Disable button.

Not all applications can be disabled and not all should be disabled. You do not want to mistakenly disable a system app. Do read around (on the Internet) if a particular app is safe to disable.

Just a small tip, some apps like Google+ or Google Music requires you to uninstall the updates before you can disable them.


2. Use Titanium Backup Pro (TBP) to freeze apps that cannot be disabled. [Root required]

So you did you best in disabling apps but there are some of them that cannot be disabled?

Check out Titanium Backup Pro. The freeze functionality is useful in this case. At the point of posting, the application freezing feature requires the Pro (paid) version of Titanium Backup.

Note: Titanium Backup requires your Android smartphone to be rooted.


3. Use Greenify to force rogue apps to go into hibernation. [Root required]

Noticed that you are receiving (useless) notifications or advertisements in your notification tray from offending app? Well, it seems like you have no way of disabling these random useless notifications from the offending app’s settings?

Check out Greenify. Greenify puts bad behaving apps into hibernation when you are not using them, to stop them from lagging your device and leeching battery. This way, these zombie / vampire apps can do nothing without explicit launch by you or other apps, while still preserving full functionality when running in foreground.


4. Housekeep your unused apps

Chances are you have apps that you no longer use but you kept forgetting to uninstall them. Some of these apps might run silently in the background (check it out through Settings –> Apps –> Running). Do your smartphone a favour, uninstall them or disable / freeze them.



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