Online Equities Trading Platform – Comparison

For contract value up to S$50,000
Brokerage firm Min Fees Rates Additional Info
DBS Vickers S$25 0.28% Settlement to CDP
DBS Vickers (Cashup Acct) S$18 0.18% Settlement to CDP
Standard Chartered -0.20% Brokerage is the custodian
UOB Kay Hian S$25 0.275% Brokerage is the custodian
UOB Kay Hian (Edge/Plus Acct) S$18 0.18% Brokerage is the custodian
iOCBC S$25 0.275% Settlement to CDP
Maybank Kim Eng S$25 0.275% Settlement to CDP
i*Trade @ CIMB S$25 0.275% Settlement to CDP
Lim & Tan S$23.75 0.266% Settlement to CDP
Philips S$25 0.28% Settlement to CDP
Philips (Prepaid Cash Acct) S$25 0.18% Settlement to CDP
AmFraser S$25 0.275% Settlement to CDP
Additional Fees
(for all)
 CDP Clearing Fee: 0.04% (max: S$600)
SGX Trading Fee: 0.0075%
GST ((Brokerage + Trading Fees + Clearing Fees) x GST rate)


So how do one interpret the commission fees for the brokerage? Take DBS Vickers for example, do I pay S$25 or 0.28% of the trade? Well, just that that they (the brokerages) are businesses too so they will take the amount that is bigger in amount.

Component Buying $6,000 worth Buying $12,000 worth
Min Fee $25 $25
Rates (0.28%) $16.80 $33.60
Commission fees you will be paying $25 $33.60


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