How to identify a fake Xiaomi Redmi

It appears that fake Xiaomi Redmi / Hongmi / Red Rice phones made their appearance in Singapore. The sellers are capitalising on the lack of Xiaomi Redmi stocks in the region. So how do you identify a fake Xiaomi Redmi? Let’s find out.


No Google PlayStore on Xiaomi Redmi

Google PlayStore
Google Play Store

It appears that the fake Xiaomi Redmi do not come with Google Play Store. Hence, people (with fake Xiaomi) are searching high and low on the Internet for guides on how to install Google Play Store on Xiaomi Redmi. So if you come across a online seller retailing Xiaomi Redmi with other buyers commenting that the Xiaomi they purchased do not come with Play Store. The seller is probably selling fake Xiaomi Redmi.

The Xiaomi’s MIUI comes installed with Google PlayStore.

Luckily, installing Google Play is is straight-forward. Let’s proceed to install Google Play (if yours is missing).

Installing Google Play on Xiaomi Redmi

  1. Use Market to install Google Installer (by Eric Xiang).
  2. Launch Google Installer and install Google Framework.
    Reboot the phone if necessary.
  3. Using Google Installer, install Google Account Manager.
    Reboot the phone if necessary.
  4. Using Google Installer, install Google Play Services.
    Reboot the phone if necessary.
  5. Using Google Installer, install Google Play Store.
    Reboot the phone if necessary.
  6. Congratulations, now you have Google Play on your Xiaomi Redmi.


Xiaomi’s website cannot find the sales transaction record

You can check Xiaomi website for the sales transaction record for your Xiaomi Redmi ( If there are no transaction records, it is probably fake. Why? Because there are no brick and mortar store for Xiaomi and all sales goes through their website.


The battery cover of Xiaomi Redmi is not grey

The original Xiaomi Redmi comes with a grey battery cover. If you get a Xiaomi Redmi that comes with a default white or red battery cover, it is probably fake as well.


Not using Mi-Recovery

Well, this is more technical. For the technically inclined, do your special key presses at boot up and look at the recovery menu. It should state that it is using Mi-Recovery. If you are using the real Xiaomi Redmi, you can exit recovery by choosing the “关机” option then boot up as per normal. For those using fake Xiaomi Redmi, do a battery pull.


So what should you do with your fake Xiaomi Redmi?

If you think that your Xiaomi Redmi / Hongmi / Red Rice is fake, I guess the only recourse is to approach the seller and get it sorted out.


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