December 2014 Stock Portfolio Update

Stock Portfolio Allocation
No. Stock Units Average Price % of Portfolio
1 Sembcorp Industries Ltd 1000 5.051 8.85%
2 Nikko AM STI ETF100 1274 3.261 8.67%
3 Singapore Press Holdings Limited 1000 4.001 8.33%
4 SIA Engineering Company Limited 1000 4.671 8.19%
5 StarHub Ltd. 1000 4.101 8.19%
6 Frasers Centrepoint Trust 2000 1.806 7.6%
7 M1 Ltd 1000 3.331 7.12%
8 ABF SG BOND ETF 3000 1.137 6.95%
9 Sheng Siong Group Ltd 5000 0.594 6.83%
10 Cache Logistics Trust 3000 1.167 6.83%
11 ST Engineering Ltd. 1000 3.781 6.75%
12 SPH REIT 3000 0.901 6.17%
13 Sats Ltd 1000 3.041 5.88%
14 Sabana REIT 2000 1.085 3.64%


2014 Performance (Singapore Dollars)
Total dividends collected $1,739.50
Total Invested Capital $50,498.26
Projected Annual Yield $2,037.22
Average Monthly Dividends $144.96
Unrealised Gains / Loss $34.30


Nothing much was done this month despite the Oil and Gas sector being hit hard. Instead of investing in new counters or averaging down existing counters, I decided to just add Nikko AM STI ETF100 (SGX:G3B).

On the dividends side, I will be collecting $190 worth of dividends from:

  • Sats Ltd (SGX:S58) – $50.00
  • Singapore Press Holdings (SGX:T39) – $140.00


Looking Back & Moving Forward

This month also marks the full calendar year of investing for 2014. Started off with invested capital of $38,365.86 in January 2014 and it has increased to $50,498.26 now. It works out to be an average of $1,000 investment monthly. I wonder if I can (still) keep this up once the new member join us in January 2015. Yes, we have got a baby joining us in January 2015. 😀

For the entire year, I have collected $1,739.50 worth of dividends. This works out to be 3.44% annual yield or $144.95 monthly dividends. Majority have been reinvested while the rest had ended up as good food.

For 2015, I shall be more discipline in doing fundamental analysis and add new counters to the portfolio! Let’s target an average of $250 monthly dividends next year. 🙂


Buying Bullion

I took a liking for silver recently and decided to buy a couple of Canadian Maple Leaf 1oz silver coins. In fact, I bought a tube of 25 coins and later bought a single 1oz in airtite coin capsule.

Canadian Maple Leaf Silver Coin
Canadian Maple Leaf Silver Coin

Do I take buying bullion as an investment? Probably yes.

Although bullion does not generate cashflow like the dividend counters or REITs but the spot price of silver has dropped to around US$15 from the US$50 from about 4 years ago. So the chances of achieving capital gains are really good. It has in fact stayed at this level for a while and it should move (up or down) soon.

However, if you are really interested in the capital gains instead of the designs, you would probably want to get the bars over the coins ounce-for-ounce as the premiums for the former are lower.

Lastly, I bought the coins at a shop in Beauty World Centre and the buying experience was good. Most importantly, the prices are attractive too so drop me a note if you want the seller’s contacts.


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