Digispark USB Development Board

Digispark USB Development Board bsaed on Attiny85
Digispark USB Development Board bsaed on Attiny85

The Digispark is an Attiny85 based microcontroller board similar to the Arduino line, only cheaper, smaller, and less powerful. I had the Arduino Leonardo and almost got the Teensy for its small size. But before I checked out the Teensy, I chanced upon the Digispark and decided to get it for some USB device emulation work.


Digispark Technical Specifications
Microcontroller Attiny85
Clock speed 16.5 MHz
Storage 8K Flash Memory (about 6K after bootloader)
Power USB or External Source – 5V or 7-35V (automatic selection)
On-board 500mA 5V regulator
Features + Built-in USB (and serial debugging)
+ USB device emulation
+ 6 I/O Pins
IDE Arduino IDE 1.0+ (OSX/ Win/ Linux)
SRP US$8.95


The specifications are not spectacular but it does USB device emulation properly. Will be great if I can hook up a microSD storage to it!