TomatoUSB – Wireless Interface Toggler Script

Recently, I found the need to toggle the status of my virtual wireless network. For example, turning on the guest wireless network when visitors are around and turning it off when they leave the place. The regular method is to go to the web admin page and disable the entire interface but this is a little clumsy. I don’t really like to leave my guest alone while I tap away on the computer.

And so I scripted something and made use of the SES/WPS/AOSS button to toggle the intended wireless interface.

The script below runs perfectly on my ASUS RT-AC66U with Tomato (Shibby). It should work with any routers that supports TomatoUSB firmware. Just put it under Administration -> Buttons/LED.



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One thought on “TomatoUSB – Wireless Interface Toggler Script

  • June 24, 2015 at 2:59 pm

    Thanks for the post, help me to make a script for disable/enable wireless mac filter and dhcp address request to unknown devices:

    [ $(nvram get dhcpd_static_only) -eq 1 ] && nvram set dhcpd_static_only=0 || nvram set dhcpd_static_only=1
    [ $(nvram get wl_macmode) == allow ] && nvram set wl_macmode=disabled || nvram set wl_macmode=allow
    nvram commit
    service dnsmasq restart
    service wl restart

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