February 2015 Stock Portfolio Update

Stock Portfolio Allocation
No. Stock Units Average Price % of Portfolio
1 Nikko AM STI ETF100 1274 3.261 8.51%
2 StarHub Ltd. 1000 4.101 8.31%
3 SIA Engineering Company Limited 1000 4.671 8.29%
4 Sembcorp Industries Ltd 1000 5.051 8.14%
5 Singapore Press Holdings Limited 1000 4.001 7.91%
6 Frasers Centrepoint Trust 2000 1.806 7.71%
7 M1 Ltd 1000 3.331 7.43%
8 Sheng Siong Group Ltd 5000 0.594 6.91%
9 Cache Logistics Trust 3000 1.167 6.74%
10 ABF SG BOND ETF 3000 1.137 6.65%
11 ST Engineering Ltd. 1000 3.781 6.62%
12 SPH REIT 3000 0.901 6.05%
13 Sats Ltd 1000 3.041 5.91%
14 Sabana REIT 2000 1.085 3.51%
15 SPDR STI EFT 200 3.413 1.32%


2015 Performance (Singapore Dollars)
Total dividends collected (Current year) $131.40
Total dividends collected to date (Nov 2013 – Now) $2,011.46
Total Invested Capital $51,180.85
Projected Annual Yield $1,896.22
Average Monthly Dividends $10.95
Unrealised Gains / Loss $925.67


Switching from Nikko AM STI ETF to SPDR STI ETF

Ever since SGX reduced the board lot size to 100, I decided to switch my purchase of STI from Nikko AM STI ETF100 (SGX:G3B) to SPDR STI ETF (SGX:ES3). Previously, STI ETF was only offered in lot size of 1000 so I can’t dollar cost average (DCA) it effectively. With lot size of 100, I can DCA it in a more affordable manner on a monthly basis.

Fund Expense Ratio (annual) Annual Fee per $1000
Nikko AM STI ETF100 0.39% $3.90
SPDR STI ETF 0.30% $3.00

If you are wondering why did I switch from Nikko AM STI ETF to SPDR STI ETF. I did the switch because SPDR STI ETF has got lower expense ratio. Expense ratio is the annual fee you pay to the fund manager. If the ETF states that its expense ratio is 0.39%, it means that the fund will cost you $3.90 in annual fees for every $1000 you invest.

To be fair, I did not compare the performance or how closely it tracks the STI components.



Managed to get some S$39.90 dividend from SPH REIT (SGX:SK6U). Hope to collect more this year!


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